Freedom EVO® series

The Freedom EVO series is one of the most popular and reliable systems in the market, with more than 5,000 systems installed worldwide. The upgradeable Freedom EVO platform can evolve with your changing application needs, making your initial investment even more valuable.

This proven platform enables you to create your system according to your specific needs with the help of our automation specialists, or to select a preconfigured automation solution for your application.



We are proud to announce that Tecan Freedom EVO was granted the Bronze Seal of Quality for consistently receiving multiple positive reviews.

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Four different base unit sizes and ten different robotic arms are available. All arms can be easily upgraded or exchanged at your site, ensuring that your workstation meets your laboratory needs both now and in the future.

Each liquid handling system offers optimized pipetting parameters for a broad range of liquid types and volumes, with fast liquid level detection, liquid availability check and preferential non-contact dispensing.

Liquid handling flexibility

Let your application decide which technology is right for you. Freedom EVO workstations provide unrivalled flexibility, uniquely offering a choice of pipetting technologies – even allowing you to combine air and liquid displacement – on a single workstation.

Parallel processing

Increase speed and enhance throughput, ensuring assay reproducibility and providing efficient use of resources. The Freedom EVO simultaneously carries out liquid handling and moves labware to the integrated Spark® reader.

One platform, unlimited solutions

Tecan offers an extensive range of carriers for positioning standard labware – such as tubes, plates, reagent bottles and slides – on the freely configurable worktable. Carriers are easily positioned, and can be routinely removed for reloading or to reconfigure the platform.

Individual liquid level detection

The system quickly checks for the presence or absence of liquid in individual tubes, microplate wells and reagent vessels, and can establish in advance if sufficient liquid is present for the requested pipetting step. Clots or particles that obstruct the pipetting tip during aspiration can also be easily detected, and the operator notified.

PosID™ provides automatic barcode reading

Carriers and labware can also be automatically identified before or during processing, confirming the identity of samples, reagents and assay vessels, as well as detecting any missing labware or samples.

Simple, intuitive and flexible process control

Operation is straightforward; the intuitive Freedom EVOware® user interface optimally combines pipetting, robotics and scheduling of multiple devices in a single package. The software uses icon-driven, drag and drop implementation screens to guide protocol development for users at any skill level. It comes with helpful information pads, application templates, creation wizards and three dimensional protocol simulation.