Helios® Gene Gun System

The Helios gene gun is a convenient handheld device that provides rapid and direct transfection into a range of targets in vivo. The unit uses an adjustable low-pressure helium pulse to sweep DNA-, RNA-, or biomaterial-coated gold microcarriers from the inner wall of a small plastic cartridge directly into target cells.

Key Features

·         Provides easy-to-use, rapid, versatile gene delivery independent of target cell type

·         Facilitates both transient and stable expression

·         Requires only small amounts of DNA and cells; no carrier DNA needed

·         Enables codelivery of more than one plasmid

·         Allows transfer of large DNA fragments

·         Targets intracellular gene delivery to many cells

·         Works for both in vitro and in vivo transformation

·         Delivers no extraneous genes or proteins

Helios Gene Gun System   Tubing Prep Station
Functional   Electrical
Maximum current 10 mA peak   Maximum current 62 mA/125 mA peak
Voltage input 9 V alkaline battery, replaceable   Voltage input 220/240 V or 100/120 V
Battery life 1,000 discharges in continuous use   Functional
Gas pressure 600 psi maximum helium   Input frequency 50/60 Hz
Safety relief pressure 700 ± 35 psi at regulator assembly   Safety relief pressure 30 ± 1.5 psi at regulator assembly
Regulator adjustment 800 psi limit maximum   Speed 30 rpm nominal
Discharges 12 per cylinder, mechanical indexing   Tubing fill Manual
Environmental   Physical
Operating temperature 10–32°C (50–90°F); 30–80% humidity   Construction Aluminium and acrylic
Storage temperature 0–60°C (32–110°F); 10–90% humidity   Dimensions
(W x D x H)
85 x 10 cm (33.5 x 4"; approximate)
Physical   Weight 5.08 kg (11.2 lb)
(W x D x H)
20 x 25 cm (8 x 10"; approximate)    
Weight 1.42 kg (3.13 lb)