LE220 Focused-ultrasonicator

The LE220 Focused-ultrasonicator is a versatile system engineered for high throughput pre-analytical sample processing by Adaptive Focused Acoustics™. The LE220 utilizes a unique line-shaped transducer and computer controlled electronics to deliver highly controlled acoustic energy to the focal zone. The LE220 Focused-ultrasonicator delivers the same reproducibility as the renowned S-Series and E-Series AFA Instruments, so you can be assured that tube-to-tube and row-to-row precision is excellent.

The LE220 is specifically designed for operations requiring a higher throughput Covaris AFA solution. With highly reproducible performance characteristics matching Covaris S-Series and E-Series instruments, the LE220 applies controlled acoustic energy to multiple samples at one time. For example, in a 96 microTUBE Plate, a row of 8 samples is treated simultaneously by the LE220’s line transducer. By indexing all 12 rows across the acoustic field, 96 samples are processed 8X faster than with a single-sample instrument. The LE220 capably manages a wide variety of sample formats in an SBS microplate footprint (including 8, 24, 48, 96), processing an entire row at a time.

Key applications for the LE220 include: DNA shearing for Next-Gen sequencing, cell lysis, tissue disruption, and compound dissolution.

Focused-ultrasonicators with AFA Technology operate at frequencies well beyond the range of human hearing (500KHz) so, unlike traditional laboratory sonicators, they are inaudible and do not require sound-proof boxes or other special precautions.

The LE220 is also available in the robotic capable (LE220R) configuration.

LE220’s unique line-shaped transducer

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LE220 utilizes proven industry-standard Covaris Adaptive Focused Acoustic™ AFA™ technology to concurrently shear multiple DNA samples. Non-contact AFA focuses high-frequency acoustic energy into a small, well defined zone within the sample vessel to provide rapid and complete sample processing. Focused acoustic energy provides controlled sample preparation capabilities across a wide range of applications and the isothermal properties of AFA eliminate heat induced molecular changes and sample damage commonly experiences with low frequency bath and probe sonicators.

The Advanced Acoustics of the LE220 utilizes a line-shaped focal zone to expand the effective acoustic field across an entire row or rows of samples in a microplate. This enables the LE220 to process a row of samples in parallel, significantly reducing total AFA processing times.
Covaris AFA technology eliminates operator-induced variation, improves recoveries, increases efficiency, and provides reproducible standardized results.

Key Features Benefits
Multi-sample format Designed specifically for High Throughput DNA Fragmentation for sample
volumes ≤130μl.
Higher throughput Up to 8X higher throughput for targeted applications in a 96 sample format. Faster with 384 sample density and beyond.
Same proven AFA Technology Highest quality performance, reproducibility, and reliability. Higher recoveries, isothermal, non-contact, controlled energy delivery, random fragmentation.
Compatible platform design Protocols are easily developed for the LE220.
Scalable protocols Process entire rows of samples simultaneously: ensures rapid and consistent sample prep regardless of sample array format.
Ultrasonic AFA is inaudible so no sound-proofing or special precautions are needed


Features & Benefits
Applications / Performance
Complementary Products
Technical Specification Description
Model LE220 Focused-ultrasonicator
Dimensions 24” (width) x 30” (depth) x 19” (height) (61cm x 76cm x 48cm)
Weight Approximately 110 lbs (50 Kg)
Operating Conditions Ambient temperature:  19°C to 25°C  (66°F to 77°C)
Relative humidity:  30% to 70%
Power Requirements 100-240 V, ~50-60 Hz, 500 VAC maximum
Regulatory Labeling CE and ETL Mark
Product Safety Complies with Low Voltage Directive 2006/95/EC. Tested to IEC/EN/UL/CSA 61010-1:2004
EMC Complies with Class A standards for EU Directive 2004/108/EC, FCC 47CFR 15B, and ICES 003.
RoHS Exempt under Category 9 for EU Directive 2002/95/EC
Water Bath Distilled or de-ionized water only
System Control Notebook computer interface via USB, operating Microsoft Windows XP SP3 or 7 Professional, with Covaris SonoLAB control software installed. Computer may be supplied by Covaris (US only) or the user.