Mini-PROTEAN® Tetra Handcast Systems

The Mini-PROTEAN Tetra Cell runs up to for mini gels in as little as 15 minutes. Casting frames with simple cam closure provide easy to assemble, leakproof, and reliable, providing reproducible, superior performance. Designed with flexibility in mind, the Mini-PROTEAN Tetra Cell can be used with Bio-Rad handcast or precast gels and can be configured to match throughput and blotting needs. Running and blotting gels has never been easier or faster.

Modular Cells for Many Applications

Interchangeable modules easily convert a Mini-PROTEAN Tetra Cell from one application to another. Each module fits into the same buffer tank and lid to form a complete cell.

·         Mini-PROTEAN Tetra Electrophoresis Cell Modules — for running precast or handcast gels for 1-D and 2-D protein separations and nucleic acid PAGE separations

·         Mini Trans-Blot Electrophoretic Transfer Cell — for transferring proteins from gels to PVDF or nitrocellulose membranes

Loading and Running Innovations

·         Cell runs 1–4 gels using 1–2 running modules

·         Improved core design with patented wing closures facilitates easier assembly and prevents buffer leakage

·         Patented sample loading guides* allow easy sample loading and help prevent skipping or reloading lanes precise alignment on any flat surface

·         Patented side-by-side casting stand** allows access to two gels simultaneously. The spring-loaded lever creates a tight seal against the silicone gaskets to ensure leak-free casting

·         Ground-glass plates with permanently bonded spacers guarantee perfect alignment and leak-free casting

·         Thick glass spacer plates reduce breakage

·         Glass plates and combs are labeled with thickness and number of wells for instant identification

·         Innovative, patented plastic combs have a built-in ridge to eliminate air contact during gel casting for uniform gel polymerization

·         For added convenience over traditional glass plates, Mini-PROTEAN Empty Plastic Cassettes (pre-assembled) and Combs are also available

For running handcast gels, select a casting module from the ordering information. For ordering convenience, order one of the preset configurations based on the required gel thickness.

·         Number of gels:                               1–4

·         Precast gels:                                    Mini-PROTEAN and Ready Gel

·         Handcast gels                                  Cast using Mini-PROTEAN Spacer Plates

·         Cassette size (W x L)                       Precast: 10 x 8.3 cm

·         Glass plate size (W x L)                   Short plate: 10.1 x 7.3 cm

·         Spacer plate:                                   10.1 x 8.2 cm    

·         Total buffer volume for 2 gels          800 ml

·         Total buffer volume for 4 gels          1,000 ml

·         Typical run times for SDS-PAGE

                      Mini-PROTEAN TGX Gels: 15–20 min (at 300 V)

                      Ready Gel/handcast gels:   35–45 min (at 200 V)

·         Recommended power supply         PowerPac™ Universal

·         Dimensions (W x L x H)                  12 x 16 x 18 cm

·         Weight                                             1 kg (2.2 lb)

·         Gel sizes                                         8.3 x 6.4 cm (Ready Gel Gels)

                                                                  8.6 x 6.7 cm (Mini-PROTEAN TGX Gels)

·         Number of gels/cassette                 1

·         Number of cassettes/module          2