Ergonomics, ease of use and productivity. Pipetting parameters are quickly and easily set by the touch-wheel interface. Instead of repeatedly pushing buttons or twisting fingers to modify volumes, you simply move your finger over the wheel.

How it works

Convenient Operation And Navigation

The Touch Wheel is a quick and ergonomic way to modify pipetting parameters.

The full color screen provides full text menus (in multiple languages) and displays pipetting protocols without abbreviations, making VIAFLO II pipettes particularly easy to understand and intuitive to use.

Various Pipetting Modes

VIAFLO II pipettes feature 10 preset pipetting programs, for which only a few parameters such as volume and speed need to be defined.

For more elaborate pipetting protocols, up to 40 user defined custom programs can be created. The custom program is a step-based setup queuing liquid handling steps such as aspirate, dispense, mix and more.

If connected to the VIALINK PIPETTE MANAGEMENT SOFTWARE, also complex custom programs can be quickly created and stored in a library on the computer.

1) Currently active pipetting mode

2) Next pipetting step is marked

3) Aspiration volume

4) Other parameters such as speed


Repeat Dispense Dispensing multiple aliquots of the same volume

Manual Pipet Full control over the pipetting cycle.

Sample Dilute Aspiration of two different liquids separated by an air gap.

Reverse Pipet Leaving a last dispense that is discarded.

Variable Dispense Dispense multiple differing volumes.