Wide Mini-Sub Cell GT Cell

The redesigned wide Mini-Sub cell GT electrophoresis cell offers updated features that make electrophoresis even easier. The wide Mini-Sub cell GT cell is suited for multiple-sample, rapid-screening applications. This popular system has a wide platform that can separate 30 samples per comb. The wide Mini-Sub cell GT cell is the same width as the Sub-Cell GT cell, so the comb holder, combs, and 15 x 10 cm gel trays are interchangeable with the larger Sub-Cell GT units.

All wide Mini-Sub cell GT systems accommodate ReadyAgarose precast gels to save time and allow highly reproducible separations. The cells include a buffer tank, a safety lid with cables, and a leveling bubble. System configurations that include additional accessories are also available; see the Wide Mini-Sub Cell GT Complete Systems Selection Guide for more details.


·         QuickSnap* electrodes are easy to remove, simplifying cleaning

·         Arrow on the side of the base indicates the direction of the run and ensures proper orientation of the gel

·         Color-coded, labeled electrodes and labeled base guarantee correct positioning of the lid on the base

·         Tabs on the base permit easy removal of the lid, reducing buffer spillage, and also prevent incorrect lid positioning

·         Reverse-compatible design allows the cells to be used with components from older models

·         Clear plastic construction for easy sample visualization

·         UV-transparent gel trays with fluorescent ruler

·         Gel-casting gates to cast your own gels right in the cell, or optional caster for tape-free casting

·         Combs to fit every need (multichannel pipet–compatible combs, fixed-height drop-in combs, adjustable-height combs, and preparative combs)

Cell size (W x L x H) 17.8 x 25.5 x 6.8 cm
Gel tray sizes (OD) (W x L) 15 x 7 cm
15 x 10 cm
ReadyAgarose gels accommodated Yes, wide mini and 96 Plus formats
Sample throughput 10–60
Base buffer volume ~650 ml
Buffer recirculation No
Bromophenol blue migration ~4.5 cm/hr (at 75 V)